Who We Are?

About Ramiken

We have one goal – get your business where it needs to be.

Ramiken is a digital marketing consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia. We work with businesses that want to grow using effective digital strategies.

Many medium and even large businesses know that digital is the key to their success – but they lack the expertise, people or resources to make it happen. That’s where we shine.

As a local WA business, we’re especially committed to supporting our vibrant business community.

Monica Sacroug - Ramiken

Monica Sacroug

Founder & Chief Digital Strategist

About Monica Sacroug

I founded Ramiken because I saw how many businesses weren’t getting the support they needed around digital marketing to help them grow.

So many were being channelled into set-and-forget retainers with no clear end goal or accountability. These businesses weren’t evolving – they were stagnating.

I’ve had a diverse career in tech and digital that’s included digital marketing and projects around automation, analytics, business intelligence and tools, data warehousing, and web and product development.

Now I’m bringing all my experience to helping businesses, especially in my local WA community, use the right digital strategies and products to grow.

I work directly with these businesses to understand how they’re doing at any time and how successfully a given strategy is working. I give them a range of ideas, products and options – the right combination for their business. And I set very clear targets and short timeframes for getting them done.

The most exciting part of my job is watching a business that was just an idea take off, grow, and thrive with our assistance. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning!

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