Digital Marketing Services

Many digital marketing agencies approach businesses with set packages, templated reports and an ongoing retainer with no clear end goal. The problem with this is that no business is the same. You need the right mix of digital solutions and strategies to grow your business. For example, you might need more sales, customers, traffic or leads. You might have the right products, but not the in-house skills. Or you might have the right people, but no clear targets or goals.

We have a wide range of solutions and strategies that we can use to get your business where it needs to go next.

At Ramiken, we start from the ground up:


Developing a tailored and up-to-date strategy for using and optimising Google ads to get more sales and leads, and reach your business goals

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Running organic and paid social campaigns to grow your brand awareness and loyalty with your target audience, and increase leads and sales

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Utilising this authentic and inexpensive way to develop brand loyalty with your audience and create a community of loyal customers

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Creating a successful, highly targeted ecommerce strategy that aligns with your business’s digital marketing strategy to grow your brand and audience

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Designing lead generation campaigns specifically to attract high-quality leads to your business, including email, content marketing and Google ads

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